Afghanistan Head Shot

Eric Chandler, Afghanistan 2012.

Eric “Shmo” Chandler is the Director of Bridging the Gap.

Eric Chandler is a husband, father, and pilot who cross-country skis as fast as he can in Duluth, Minnesota. His book of poetry Hugging This Rock (Middle West Press, 2017) was released November, 2017. He is the author of two other books: a collection of outdoor essays called Outside Duluth and a novella titled Down In It. His writing has appeared in Northern Wilds, Grey Sparrow Journal, The Talking Stick, Flying Magazine, Sleet Magazine, The Thunderbird Review, O-Dark-Thirty, Line of Advance, and Aqueous Magazine, to name a few. He’s also a veteran of both the US Air Force and the Minnesota Air National Guard. He flew 145 combat missions and over 3000 hours in the F-16. He’s a member of Lake Superior Writers, the Outdoor Writers Association of America, and the Military Writers Guild.

He’s an unpaid volunteer, so don’t yell at him too much.